cherry blossoms

addys blossoms-22web

somewhere inside of me there is this burning motivation to push my creativity, to get outside the box and learn to “see.” ¬†Photography is about two primary things, what i see and light. i feel like i am always training my eye, everywhere i go. i’m making an effort lately to always have a camera … [Read more…]

beautiful mama search

Recently, I applied to participate in a nationwide search for beautiful mothers. I was attracted to the message that beauty is more than skin deep and that motherhood is a beautiful calling. Any opportunity to support motherhood and use my lens for good is totally my thing. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be … [Read more…]

in the trees

20160129-DSC_9104 web

i literally relived that scene from the sound of music as i took these photographs. you know when the captain is bringing the baroness home to meet the children and they are climbing in the trees as they drive by? street urchins. that would be us.