i have a little shadow

20160128-DSC_8928 web

we are memorizing this poem in our homeschool right now. mostly because every time i get the poetry books out my littlest finds it and demands we read it. we are a house full of shadow fans so it makes sense. My Shadow by robert louis stevenson I have a little shadow that goes in and … [Read more…]


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i love the vintage quality of these few images, so grainy and filmy. the blur was intentional but my shutter was slower than i had intended and really wasn’t sure they would work until i saw them in black and white. there is something about film that is romantic and beautiful. when you shoot with … [Read more…]

his lashes.


my darling boy you have your daddy’s lashes and my deep brown eyes. every time i photograph you i am attracted to them. i see a fire burning in them every time. you are so like fire. your little soul lights everything up and burns so brightly. when you feel something it consumes you. right now … [Read more…]

saturday morning


books are like magic magnets for kids. all you have to do is start reading  aloud and like some kind of silent whistle only they sense, it calls them. they smell it out. they find you. these are the lazy weekend mornings i love the best. in fact, today found me propped up in bed … [Read more…]

january | week 3 recap

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i have never done a 365/366, but always wanted to. i knew that 2016 was my year. this decision to take on this enormous project has brought such a positive energy into my life and i am embracing its powerful wave. i have always felt that i needed to do something with photography, the way … [Read more…]

january 27


dearest daughter i adore how you wear your daddy’s old cowboy boots and pair them with a vintage lavender cotton dress. i love that you twirl and spin and hunt for shadows with me. i love that even though you have made it quite clear that you are not interested in ballet right now i … [Read more…]

january 20


dearest daughter today when it was time to do history i instructed you to please listen to the audio chapter and follow along in your book. you dug in your heels and curled up on the couch. you did not want to do it that way. you insisted that i read it to you, that … [Read more…]

#celebratinglight project part II

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Here is the second installment of my celebrating light project from December, as well as a handful from my 365 I am currently working on. Technically, it’s a 366, since it’s a leap year. I am really enjoying the challenge of finding unique light and my personal voice every day, thus the hashtag- #lightandvoice2016 if you … [Read more…]